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What Is the Vitastate
Many intraspecific adaptability comparison experiments from resistance, plasticity, and pathology research have proved that the functional relations of life are modulated by background physiological changes. BECG's research proved that the background physiological changes follow certain rules, with these two characteristics:
First, the term background physiological modulation microcosmically not only refers to the specific adjustments of an organ or a component, but also represents multiple organs and several components combining together to make a specific adjustment. Macrocosmically, it reflects the organism's holistic ecological demands for physiological components and organs. It shows as the transformation of the body's physiological state and phenotype physio-morph.
Second, the fact that background physiological modulation is linked closely to internal and external factors is distinctly different from the traditional concept of physiological modulation mechanism. The evidence from intraspecific comparative systems shows that background physiological changes are controlled by a dual mechanism including both physiological modulation and ecological modulation. The transformation of the body's physiological state and phenotype physio-morph is conditional.
In this way, a new analysis unit for the adaptation reduction with both physiological and ecological perspectives is formed. BECG named this type of basic unit of modulating physiological background as vitastate.
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