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"Background "System and Meaning Structure
First, here we need to make clear that the organism's internal components are constrained and regulated by multiple vitastates; the "behavior" of the components is designed by the various holistic backgrounds. In other words, the components are responsible for participating in start-up combinations of different effects and at different times, in the different background interest of the whole. This comprises the essence of the relationships between a specific functional effect and a different background modulation. In addition, the background interest of the whole refers to the actual eco-adaptation of the whole in a changing environment. Therefore, the "design" of the background is not innate, but added from the externals, from the eco-adaptation of the whole.
The adaptation at the physiology level involves two layers: (1) the vitastate's advantage against the environment; and (2) the components being restricted and constrained in vitastates. When a component participates in a physio-ecological background unit and collaborates with other components to form a resistant advantage to the environmental stress, this is the adaptation meaning at the physiology level. In other words, a physiological vitastate, which is composed of a set of specific components, has specific ecological advantage; the limitation and binding suffered by the component participating in the physio-morph comprise the meaning of the component. Therefore, adaptation can be reduced to meaning relationships among specific components and to meaning structures among the components.
The high-level background endows "design" to the lower-level function, which is the meaning of component "behavior." The behaviors contain cellular contraction, secretion, move, split, link, deformation, dormancy, nutrition intake, swallow, and so on. The components (molecules, cells, organs, etc.) behave in the physiological operation (start, stop, strengthen, weaken, converse), playing a part for the whole that is in response to the changes of the vitastate. The meaning of component behavior can be understood along with the pattern.
This kind of relationship between components is different from previous functional structural relationships between components, and it is a new structural relationshipa background (vitastate) organizational relationship among components. Therefore, through the reduction of meaning, adaptation is thus transformed into a new structure: the meaning structure. The concept of meaning structure can be formed, the structure property of the meaning becomes an important fact, and the reductional analysis of meaning structure comes to have a real empirical basis.
Speaking from the reductional structure, at each level, a component's behavior is woven by the background system (vitastate) of the whole. Each molecule has multiple specific vitastate backgrounds. These background systems are the chief behind-the-scene controllers of life functional processes. The background system is the logic basis of the life functional modulation mechanism. The logic structure of the background system produces the instability of functional effective relationships.Or we can say that there are specific structures in the vitastate background of components in the broad sense of life modulation. The background system is not only cross-layer, but also structural. These structures can be named as meaning structure or meaning system.
To differentiate the functional structure from meaning structure, we figuratively call the former shallow structure of life and the latter deep structure of life.
And vitastate is the basic unit of the deep structure. Shallow structure reflects the effect relationship between the various components of life; deep structure reflects the expression relationship between the components and all kinds of background environments of life; this expression relationship is the meaning of components in living organisms. The research objectives of adaptational biology and functional biology are different. Adaptational biology is the science of studying the deep-structure relationship of life, and vitastate is its core concept.
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