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Why Is Deep-Structure Research So Important?
Functional research at all levels, after having fulfilled a large number of fragmental analyses, will go to researching the modulation mechanism. Everything will converge onto modulation. However, modulation mechanisms are essentially based on meaning-structure logic. In other words, deep structure is the basis of the design of modulation mechanisms. To correctly analyze a modulation, we must start with its design logic. We should begin the study of life modulation with the design history, and the being's design history is the developmental history of the meaning system.
Moreover, the meaning cannot be separately deciphered, it can only be deciphered under the premise that the vitastate system of the whole has been completely interpreted. Vitastate system is a scheme arranging and coordinating the subresponding schemes of an organism facing a variety of external conditions. Only when the organism's entire vitastate system is clarified can we accurately explain a specific function's meaning. Therefore, the current meaning research is incomplete, and under existing conditions, we cannot get an accurate meaning explanation. Even evolutionary biology cannot provide an accurate explanation for the meaning.
The meaning of an element's behavior cannot be deciphered if we do not know the historical ecology of the organism where the element is located. The meaning of element behavior refers to the specific stipulation and start-up combinations of the element in the organism's vitastate movement. That is also the ultimate cause of adaptation study. These combinations involve both ecological and constitutional stipulations. A strategy = eco-environmental property + physiological vitastate constitutional property. A "behavior" can only be clarified by illustrating its vitastate systemic and ecological stipulations (strategies). The meaning of an element refers to the role of the element in the ecological response of the whole; and the whole's response is accomplished by the element and other elements together. This definition includes something beyond the behavior of the element: (1) involving the behavior of other elements; and (2) involving the ecological relationships.
The significance of Darwin's theory lies here. He tried to decipher the interspecies meaning relationships, with species as the components of the meaning relation, and realized reductional analysis of the biosphere. The interspecies comparisons decipher the meaning structures above individual level; and the intraspecific comparisons decipher the meaning structures below the individual level.
The theory of evolution can only explain the meaning structures above the individual level, while neoadaptationism uses intraspecific adaptation to explain intraspecific physio-morphs. Neoadaptationist research of bionomic strategy, resistance, and phenotypic plasticity opens a new way to investigate regulatory mechanism. It accounts for the physio-morphs of physiologies, life histories, behaviors, and phenotypes from the perspective of adaptationism. These studies also open a window for deciphering regulatory mechanisms on the basis of reductionism. Through intraspecific comparisons, we can find the meaning structures and realize the reduction of the life-meaning system. Therefore, deep-structure studies dexterously become an effective tool for discovering life-regulatory mechanisms that functional biology fails to find. That is the significance of deep-structure study.
The emergence of neoadaptational biology enables the traditional comparative method to combine with intraspecific physio-adaptation, leading phenotypic adaptation research to the micro level. This is unexpected and rational. It helps current biology, which has long been trapped in a debate between reductionism and holism, find a new way forward.
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