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he DSS compiler is in charge of translating and compiling the English series of Deep Structure Studies based on the Chinese works of Deep Structure of Life (three volumes) and Deep Structure of Economy (two volumes). Through this series, readers in the English world can quickly and directly comprehend the basic knowledge of deep structure theory and adaptational biology instead of reading the Chinese version.
The English Series of Deep Structure Studies plans to publish eight books. Among them, the first, second and third books have been published in 2013.
1.      The Third Synthesis of Biology
2.      New Experimental Biology
3.      Brain's Super Intelligence Analysis
4.      Dinosaurs' Resource Strategy Crisis
5.      The Biologicalization of Economics
6.      Greenency-sphere of the Anthropocene
7.      Experimental Reviews and References I
8.      Experimental Reviews and References II
The seventh and eighth books are experimental reviews and references of this series, which will allow readers to search for convenience.
                                                                                                                Table of Contens
                                                                                    Table of Contents
                                                                                                                Table of Contents
These three books have been published and listed on many books website to sell, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, albris.com, AllBookStores, Bokus, Cdon.com, swap, ABEbooks etc.. Readers can directly search for them to get more information.

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